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Louisville Slugger promises that this bat is hot right out of the wrapper, and is perfect for both power hitters and slappers. The bat comes ready and helps you bat efficiently and worry-free. The Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch softball Bat is an excellent investment for a player who needs a powerful softball bat at a great price. And a new F2X End Cap is also here that is made with a clear injection molded material, which provides an amazing look and allows the bat to swing with a lightweight feel. One of our favorite fastpitch bats released in 2022 was Demarini CF, and now we have just got its upgraded version for the next season. With all of that being said, I do feel the 2020 Proven is well worth the $100 bill. And it will be very attractive to power hitters. We measure the actual swing weights of each bat we test using the industry-standard pendulum period, balance point, and scale weight. I completely understand the frustration when looking for a fastpitch softball bat. Its finish will keep the light out, and it comes standard with a finger guard that locks to prevent accidental touching of the ball during play. DSC Cricket Bats DSC Cricket Bats 16 products Each and every bat is handcrafted by DSC's master craftsmen. The RXT X20 is an elite bat at a slightly lower price than some of the premier models I mentioned earlier in this article. Type V CF Connection helps to improve barrel performance. As one of the premier manufacturers of premium line softball bats, 2021 DeMarini CF Zen delivers features that set it apart from the other products on the market. Its Double Barrel construction is composed of an inner and outer barrel. For players that have no issues with bat speed or even end up stretching out beyond the ball, then end-loaded bats are best. Overall Easton Ghost Unlimited is a dream come true for many players who wished for a durable Ghost bat from the past few years. Performance The stiff feel that made the Xeno so great is still there, and a new version is still a fantastic option for power hitters and stronger players. The other great thing about this one of the greatest fastpitch softball bat is that it has all of the features that you would want to have in a bat. It is designed with a comfortable grip so you won't have any problems holding it in your hand. Introducing the 2022 Xeno Fastpitch Bat from Louisville Slugger. For newer players, or those that just play recreational ball, I think the Louisville Quest would be the best choice. 2022 Model Reviewed: 2022 Easton Ghost Advanced FP Review. 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The next bat in the list is the Easton Ghost Double Barrel. This butt plate is also made of the finest carbon material available. Left - Get Yours Now! Are any newer xenos hotter than previous years? Easton. JavaScript is disabled. It is ranked as one of the best baseball bats year after year because of it tremendous and exquisite quality and features it also best baseball bat for 13 / 14 year old player. It comes with a twin-screw fastening system which is great for those of us who like to have extra security when we are swinging our bats. As you probably assumed, my passion is softball. Just like you. 2019 Louisville Slugger Xeno -11 30"/19 oz. The Xeno X20 should put those concerns to bed! Some may be for ASA-only, others for USSSA, and more (ill outline the differences further below). Product Description. This material is said to create an easier swing which contributes to more contact times and lower averages. That being said, no matter who you are as a player, you still want to have a little bit of power when you make solid contact. The 2023 DeMarini CF comes with some new technologies which made it perfect for slap hitters. If you are in the mood for a two-piece composite bat and dont care about the stiffness in the connection, then you have many similar options. All the pieces of technology that the 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno has work truly amazing together in creating a stiff bat that is justifiably one of the favorites of power hitters from all levels of expertise. The finishing touch on the 2022 Xeno is an innovative X-Cap end cap. The lightweight, balanced swing weight, soft knob, great in hand feel and huge sweet spot makes it suitable for most fastpitch players out there. Best table tennis bat for beginners: Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis . they have also been creating quality fastpitch softball bats for the last few years. The Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch softball Bat is a new addition to the fastpitch softball products line of high-quality, custom bats. Just like you. Xeno Bat. Also, there is a fully stainless steel barrel with a stainless steel lock that locks tightly into place, preventing slippage and providing an extremely solid feel while you swing. As in its previous version, DeMarini also employs the type V Connection to join its barrel to a stiff composite handle, which is great for reducing vibrations. The Easton GHOST -11 youth fastpitch softball bat also comes with an awesome chrome finish that gives it the ability to keep its grip in the palm of your hands no matter what type of weather you are dealing with. Used during Covid year and only used in 2 games. See for yourself why the XENO is the #1 bat in Fastpitch! A bat built to run this game. We almost get the feel the bat is trying to be phased outas the price difference between the LXT and without any upgrades. I hope youve enjoyed this summary and are able to find the right bat for the 2023 season! (Relv) Relevance: We measure the number of sizes and the MOI of the bat. The IST technology also works to eliminate the vibrations that can be felt on mishits. The handle of this bat is ultra-thin at 29/32 inches. What size do I need? the first year the Xeno was made, and this bat is hot! The Easton Ghost double barrel is specially designed to provide the best pop, feel, and great sound with a massive sweet spot for its users. Pretty much the same as step one, makes sense to humans. Xeno 2021 resulted in 1 products from Dec 8, 2015 #10 I IS4AU May 13, 2013 108 0 Two-piece design. "@type": "Review", The Best Softball Bat. . It features an optimized weight system, allowing it to be easier for players to shift weight from hand to hand and more conveniently to shift to a lighter weight ball that will allow for more power when making contact with the ball. Louisville Slugger LXT. Because of this, it's easy to launch them far when you get a good swing in. The bat was initially made available only directly on Slugger.coms site. Brinker Employee Hotline, 2022 xeno (-11) fastpitch bat. This table tennis bat has also passed ITTF certification, making it an approved and recommended choice by the governing body. In conclusion, with a 4.8 rating and more than 1000 buyers, the Wilson sporting goods 2013 xenofastpitch bat stands as the best choice. The 2022 Louisville Slugger XENO is a two-piece composite bat built with a stiffer connection. How To Change Your Dna Spiritually, Other than being a bit highly pricy no other flaw is seen yet in this bat. The 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno is a two-piece composite bat built with foam and ring technology that helps slow impacts perform at peak levels while allowing the bat to pass the certification test. I would advise you to have your daughter swing a 2014 Xeno before you buy one. Aside from its great performance on the field, this baseball bat can also be used in batting practice allowing young players to develop their skills before they head to the professional leagues. How to pick the right size of the best fastpitch softball bat for power hitters? Louisville Slugger Meta 2''Bat 2023 (-8) $399.99 Shipping Available ADD TO CART Louisville Slugger Meta BBCOR Bat 2022 (-3) $399.99 $499.99 * Shipping Available ADD TO CART Louisville Slugger Meta USA Bat 2023 (-12) $399.99 Shipping Available ADD TO CART Louisville Slugger LXT Fastpitch Bat (-10) $399.99 Shipping Available ADD TO CART best of . Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. You can read more about that here. This model is the fastest option available in STIGAs excellent Star Series of bats, partly down to the inclusion of carbon fibre. 1. Conclusion. Get one today and start swinging. It has four different drop weight ratios that are 8,9,10,11 and this drop ratio makes this bat a balanced bat. An amazing feature that makes the Xeno tee ball bat stand out is its highly affordable price, which makes it possible for parents to acquire it without breaking the bank. Your email address will not be published. my subreddits. its drop 9 length-to-weight-ration helps to provide a balanced swing feel. Rawlings Mantra 9. However for the majority there probably is still a bit of confusion. Step 3- Create a Dyson sphere, or generate similar power output, (Penrose sphere or a kugelblitz). Even without the new features, its still safe to say that the Louisville Slugger Xeno is an amazing fastpitch bat, and a highly recommended one. (-11) $210 Retail price: $350 4 Ras20 2022 Composite (-10) 22 oz 32" Meta Bat $331 Sometimes youll find a bat you love, but had no idea it isnt approved for the standards of the league you play in. If you want to play better, you need to invest in a quality bat like the Easton GHOST -11 youth fastpitch softball bat. As I mentioned earlier, this is a quality bat. 5. The best part of this bat is that it comes with a full twelve months of the manufacturers warranty. 2023 Rawlings Eclipse -12 Fastpitch Softball Bat: FP3SE12 $79 .95 Worth Mayhem 14" Balanced Dual Stamp Slow Pitch Softball Bat: WM14B $199 .95 $319.95 2 Only at $ Marucci Echo Connect DMND -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: MFPECD10 $379 .95 Miken Psycho 12" SuperMax Dual Stamp Slow Pitch Softball Bat: MP12X $169 .95 - $199 .95 $319.95 4 Only at $ Another important feature is the "floating" design that allows the entire bat to be gripped in one hand for easier swing control and gripping. Retail: $299. Also Check: 2022 Demarini CF fastpitch bat review. But, for 2022, and for no reason that was ever given to the public, Slugger returned to a broader distribution model. or it's gonna break? On, and also, the sound it makes when you connect is like lightning. 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WBL2547010 $ 349.95 COMPARE QUICK VIEW. Newer players in general look for bats that are a little more on the lighter side to help learn swing mechanics. A bats inherent control, spin and speed are the defining factors when it comes to making the right choice. Very loud and recognizable. The types of bats are single-piece alloy (SPA), two-piece composite (TPC), single-piece composite (SPC), hybrid (Hyb. "@type": "Product", #3 Best Budget 2022 Youth Fastpitch Bat DeMarini Uprising DeMarini 2022 Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bat Make an instant impact with the 2022 DeMarini Uprising (-12) Fastpitch Bat. Constructed of premium graphite and covered in a high gloss paint for extra grip, this bat will have you looking like a true professional when batting. Both Ghost and Ghost Advance have Drop 11/-10 BALANCED & Drop 9/-8 END LOADED. Louisville Slugger Bat xeno plus 30/20 fastpitch bat. There is another feature of this bat, that it has a tracer end cap that makes this bat long and durable. If you are interested in buying a fastpitch softball bat, you have to consider some of the features of Easton Ghost. Most players find the Large size to be comfortable for them, while the Small fits well between a junior and senior season. Keep an eye out, too, for the abbreviation ITTF when shopping. S1iD aluminum disc insert in Pros The balance is very good This version is durable than its previous bats Double Barrel construction still performs great Sound is very good when hits sweet spot It possess lots of pop Cons Durability is under question Check Price DeMarini 2022 CF FP Specifications The F20 is also very lightweight, which makes it perfect for a batter who just wants to get a ball off quickly. Copyright 2022 by Nonetheless, if you wish for a stiff-feeling bat in the drop 11 space, then the XENO is your best fastpitch bat. A two-piece bat is made in two segments: the barrel and the handle which are reinforced together, making it less stiff and more flexible. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Louisville Slugger XENO 33 -9 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WTLFPXN19A9 at the best online prices at eBay! Players like not only the large barrel and verifiable performance of the bat, but also the pedigree of success the Slugger XENO name carries with it. I'm Dominique, the main writer behind BusyPlayingSoftball. The concept of a kugelblitz is unknown to the galactic community, humans have yet to properly explain its function. Swinging it is totally easy as the bat features thinner but stronger walls. Easton bats has all the features that you could ever want, and they come at a great price. 2022 Louisville Slugger Xeno -10 Fastpitch Softball Bat: WBL2547010 $349 .95. When you're looking for the best features of 2021 DeMarini FP Fnx fastpitch softball bats, there are a few things to look for. Unlike traditional softball bats, the new style of this fastpitch softball bat allows for larger internal surfaces to be incorporated into its construction. The 2022 Louisville Slugger XENO is a two-piece composite bat built with a stiffer connection. Iowa Total Care Login, Easton Ghost Advanced 7. For intermediate players, we recommend the BRIBAR Allround, which sits at the upper end of BRIBARs Custom Collection of bats. But, to be sure, most more minor hitters who want bat speed and a soft swing aren't in the mood for a stiff bat. Why We Like This: Swing weight: balanced swing weight for extreme control and maximum swing speed. One-piece vs Two-piece Bats For that reason, I have decided to put out this list of the 10 best fastpitch bats! The Xeno X20 Fast pitch bat from Louisville Slugger remains one of the most popular models on the market and for years, has been endorsed by coaches, elite players and national champions who choose it for its all-around power and stiff feel through the zone. This RXT X20 does have a lot to offer despite being near the end of the list (for now). Contact hitters, or players with normal or below normal bat speed tend to lean towards two-piece bats. Long appreciated by older players in advanced high school and college ranks, the stiff swing of Xeno is designed to deliver maximum energy transfer on contact. This is the best and most unique feature of this bat that makes it into this list. then the drop is 10. spcsports. This is the Bat that has been developed for the professional and elite player in all of the softball. $175. This is one of the lighter fastpitch bats currently on the market. Secondly, it can be used by amateurs and recreational players to professionals. Because of its 1-piece construction it should last longer than 2-piece bats as well. "Price": "", It seems that, at least with the LXT, it just keeps getting hotter as it gets older. We found, without surprise, the XENO one of the favorite 2019 fastpitch bats. Popular Latest Avg. Easton Ghost Tie Dye (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat - 2022 Model by Easton. A new Sonic Composite barrel allows it to have the lowest compression, but it still performs high and it is so durable. The reason behind this is that it contains features that many softball players need in order for them to succeed on the field. You will find a lizard skins custom grip in this bat that gives the ultimate feel, cushion, and tack. My .02 but see if Im right ; ) ! When these two features are combined it is a product that offers a player everything they could possibly want in a softball bat. I can set up a tee and net for you to try before you buy if you like. + $26.00 shipping. Not the Xeno. Read our 2022 Louisville Slugger LXT Review. If you can find an older one for cheap then dont hesitate. They boast an ultra-light end cap which will lighten up the feel and assist the barrel through the zone. If you wish to drop 10 or 11, we think youll appreciate the bats durability and the more endloaded feel. Its the great IST technology that makes the Xeno a stronger players favorite fastpitch bat. Dual barrel helps in delivering the lowest compressions. This is our chance to reward companies who are trying to innovate. Make Sure You Check Pictures And Read Here Carefully Before Buying So There Is No Issues. I would recommend this bat for more of a power hitter type, or at least a hitter that squares the ball up consistently. The Zenith is the 3rd Demarini bat on this list which to most shouldnt be a surprise. There are no durability issues with the CF at all. The Louisville slugger 's wildly successful xeno bat comes with great pop, is made for double walls and it is good for fast delivery. You must log in or register to reply here. Instead, they tend more towards a bat like the Slugger LXT or Easton Ghost with a more flexible connection. It has launched composite technology that allows for a longer and lighter with a stronger barrel and is able to create an even bigger sweet spot by pushing the limits of performance of players. $125.00. Power hitters normally prefer a heavier -9 drop, so you can imagine how much lighter a -13 drop bat like the Zenith feels. This tee ball bat is made from superior-grade alloy material. Stronger players who love a stiffer feel and connection love their two-piece IST Technology and the Dual-Disc S1ID Performance Composite Barrel that's game-ready as soon as you step to the plate. This bat has the same hardness as XENO and large barrel as the LXT. And the other best feature of this bat is its Premium LS Comfort Pro Grip which is a perfect Mix of Tack and cushion to create an incredible swinging experience. Its handle is wrapped with a lizard skiing grip that will keep players' hands safe from vibration and provide huge comfort. call: (800) 929-0959 email: [email protected] 2022 meta -10/-9 fastpitch. A Continuous Fibre Barrel the 2021 DeMarini FNX Rising Fastpitch bat gives the perfect blend of balance and power. The result is that you can have maximum control over your swing, yet you don't feel like your fingers are going to slip out of their grooves. Some additional features included in the Easton Ghost include: No list would be anywhere close to complete without something from Louisville. And, wow, what a good-looking bat the new Xeno is. Hover to zoom. But, to be sure, most more minor hitters who want bat speed and a soft swing arent in the mood for a stiff bat. The new Xeno has purple colors like the previous model but they are not that expressed. It is made of lightweight composite which makes it strong enough. its full potential, so view it as one to aspire to, not learn on. The frame is anodized at the front and rear for extra strength and makes the entire unit very sturdy. I came across one for less than eBay prices for the 2012 Xeno, but still expensive for a used bat, so I have to ask the dumb question to be sure�� I think the best Xeno my DD has ever owned was the 2012 Mendoza model. Rotated Bounding Box Opencv Python, The newer composites aren't the same as the older composites so they aren't getting insanely hotter with age like you see in the famous Easton bats of the mid 2000's it is really nostalgia more than anything and what the hitter is comfortable swinging. 2023 CF is as usually constructed as two pieces composite design with Paraflex Plus Composite's high-performing barrel that helps to create a massive sweet spot. A bat built to run this game. The best feature of this bat is its connexion evolution which is built by doubling the amount of nitro cell foam that is injected into the connexion joint. And it has a 2 1/4 inch barrel in diameter. This can be especially useful for younger children who might be less adept at gripping a fastpitch softball bat with both hands. (Drb) Durability: A bats durability is measured by user reviews as well as feedback from manufacturers. One-piece bats are developed as one continuous piece of metal, which makes it stiff and less flexible. We have done well research to find suitable bats for professional softball players. Any questions text/call me 563-590-7157. $399.99 Original Price $419.99 You Save 5%. The 2022 Louisville Slugger XENO is a two-piece composite bat built with a stiffer connection. With that data set, we concluded the 2016 XENO PLUS from Louisville Slugger is as good of a bat as you can find in the Fastpitch space and a great choice for the vast majority of players. by respectthegame Mon Sep 23, 2013 12:31 pm, by afastpitchfanatic Tue Sep 24, 2013 5:00 am, by fastpitch fool Wed Oct 02, 2013 10:51 am, by Sunshine799 Thu Oct 03, 2013 4:52 pm. They treat each willow blade for its unique characteristics including density and weight to maximize its potential. Item Length: 32 in. Here is some more information about the Quest (love the name): The Demarini Zenith is the lightest bat weve added to this page. The design of this bat provides an extended sweetspot. 2022 Anderson RockeTech Carbonlite -11 Fastpitch Softball Bat. The broader availability of the 2022 Xeno, compared to the 2021 version, is a behind-the-scenes WIN for consumers. "@type": "Offer", It continues to have the smashing sound that has made it recognizable on ball parks across America (and beyond). V connection helps for effortless energy transfer at the swings time. The $100 range is difficult when it comes to fastpitch bats as some are quite over-priced, where others like the Louisville Proven in my opinion are under priced. best year xeno bat. Balanced bats are a bit lighter having all its weight geared to all sides from the handle to the end cap of the bat. Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 17 (-10) Fast Pitch Softball Bat, 30 inch 20 oz . It is the upgraded version of the 2021 Louisville slugger Meta bat, So you will find some new features in this bat that makes it the best fastpitch softball bat of the year. This bat is balanced and has an ultra-lightweight X-Cap for added control and bat speed through the zone. MOI You can browse though our selection of best fastpitch softball bats and read . The Louisville Slugger Xeno is an option that power hitters should seriously consider. It is upgraded with new features in 2023 with a fully reconstructed F2 Collar assembly that connects the barrel and handle, creating a perfect harmony between flex and stiffness. Half of total rating comes from the player and our exit speed tests (Player Rating: 25%, Performance: 25%).The other categories are Relevance (20%), Demand (10%), Durability (10%), Resell Score (5%), and Tech Specs (5%). Is the 2012 Mendoza USSSA Pride Xeno the same bat with different skin? This allows the weight of the bat to be distributed evenly so it can help prevent damage on one end of the bat when it is swung. Not saying that the 2013 Xeno isn't a hot bat, may be the best one they made, but I will bet you a nickel and maybe even a dime that it is not hotter than the 2015 or 2016 Xeno ! Due to its lightweight, a balanced bat builds your bat swing-speed by giving you more control in your swing and allowing you generate solid contact to all parts of the field. It's also one of the strongest at the same time. Key details Weight: 180g; Skill level: Beginner/intermediate. The Mizuno Jennie Finch (about $45) has been rated a 1.2 on the Bat Performance Factor scale, meaning that balls bounce off it twenty percent faster than they would off a solid wall. Those users include our own hitters that we test at the lab as well as reviews we find online. And it is made with lightweight composite materials that should enhance bat speed. ">. Players can expect it to last for a long time especially if they are going to use it regularly. They allow for more flexibility, speed, and movement. Designed for younger players looking for a light-swinging performance bat, Uprising features a DX1 . The Easton TOPAZ bat comes with a carbon fiber-reinforced butt plate which is six times stronger than that of any other leading competitor. Some big movies that came out that year were Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, the Amazing Spiderman, Madagascar 3, Brave and Kung-fu Panda 3. VIEW ALL $47.99 Articles VIEW ALL All Articles Bat Size Chart Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus 31/21 WTLFPXN170 (-10) Fastpitch Softball Bat 2017. Popular Latest Avg. Is the 2012 Mendoza USSSA Pride Xeno the same bat with different skin? Any feedback would be great! My advice for anyone that has these bats is put them up, get a new bat and wait for the prices to go up on ebay and sell them.

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